Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: We-Survived-Spring-Break Edition

Ahhh, the end of spring break. I'm over here rejoicing that there is a sense of normalcy and routine returning to our home, but I'm pretty sure all the teachers feel like this...

So, we wrapped up our long and rainy spring break this weekend. After four days of basically being cooped up in our house and friends' houses, we had to bust outta here and go have some fun. Friday morning, we braved a fun little play area near us called The Coop.

We had lots of fun, but I got SO claustrophobic due to the sheer number of kids there. This face is an accurate representation of how I felt...


Friday afternoon, we met up with my teaching partner and her kiddos to go meet "Pig" from the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake. The kids had a blast, but, I mean, how creepy and HUGE is that pig?!! Kate wanted in the picture but needed a pretty safe distance...;) 

Saturday was pretty low-key because we intentionally made no plans this day. We read, played outside with our cousins, Blake took the world's most pathetic-looking nap, and (gasp!) the sun actually came out! A miracle!

We had fun Sunday afternoon at a birthday party for a sweet school friend, and I learned that my littlest truly has NO FEAR. She kept up with the five year-olds like a pro. 

Aaaaaand, Kate needed to leave you a selfie as a parting gift. ;) This kid... 

Make it a great week, friends! 


  1. That stinks that y'all had such a rainy spring break. I'm not big on indoor play places either, blech and they are so crowded. And yeah, that pig... my Mom saw that picture on facebook and said, "there is no way Madelyn would go near that thing!" ;) Your kids are braver than her!


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