Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We are GROWING through ADOPTION!


Six years ago, Blake and I sat in a premarital counseling session discussing our "Plan B." As in, if we discover we are unable to conceive our own children, what will we do? Without a moment's hesitation, we both agreed we would adopt. Adoption was our unanimous "Plan B."

Yes, well. Less than three months into our marriage, we received the surprise of our lives and learned we wouldn't need a "Plan B." On our first anniversary, our sweet Carter was six weeks old, and we were very quickly blessed again two years later with our beautiful baby girl, Kate. After Kate's birth, we truly felt like we were done. Complete. But, God had other plans for us.

About a year ago, I sat looking at pictures of our little family of four, and I began to realize we had a missing piece. We were not yet complete. Blake began to feel it, too, so we began to talk about how we would grow our family. A third biological child didn't feel right to either of us, so we began to pray about shifting our "Plan B" to "Plan A."

And, in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, did we both hear a very clear, very loud, very definitive YES.

We've spent the last six months pouring over the details - domestic or international, boy or girl, finances, etc - and we are THRILLED (and slightly terrified) to share that we have been approved by our agency's China program and are officially beginning this journey.

We would covet your prayers and look forward to sharing more!


  1. So excited for you guys! Can't wait to follow along on this journey with y'all!

  2. (Hope this doesn't post twice!) I've had several friends go through the adoption process recently in various ways, from foster to international, and it's always been a blessing. Looking forward to praying for you and your sweet family through this journey!

    1. Thank you, Lydia!! It's going to be quite an adventure! Xo!


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